The guided tour will introduce you to DataWave's ingest and query components and provide several examples of how to use and configure them. In order to follow along with the examples, you should first complete the Quickstart Installation

Verify Your Environment Setup

At this point, you should have a standalone DataWave Quickstart environment instantiated. Throughout the tour, we’ll be using its example datasets, configuration files, and many of its utility functions.

Step 1: Check the Status of Services

 $ allStatus
    Hadoop is running. PIDs: 9318 9629 9988 10188 10643 10705
    Accumulo is running. PIDs: 11196 11326 11536 11645 11750 11081
    DataWave Ingest is not running
    DataWave Web is running. PIDs: 17462
 # If DataWave Ingest is running, stop it for now...
 $ datawaveIngestStop

If no services are currently running, go to Step 2

Step 2: Verify DataWave Web Deployment

 # If DataWave Web is not currently running, start it up with this function...
 # (this will also start Hadoop, Accumulo, ZooKeeper, if needed)
 $ datawaveWebStart
 [DW-INFO] - Starting Wildfly
 [DW-INFO] - Polling for EAR deployment status every 4 seconds (15 attempts max)
     -- Wildfly process not found (1/15)
     +- Wildfly up (7663). EAR deployment pending (2/15)
     ++ DataWave Web successfully deployed
 # All of the pre-configured web tests should pass...
 $ datawaveWebTest
   Failed Tests: 0 


If you experience issues with the quickstart environment at any time, please see the troubleshooting guide